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The benefits of Establishing a Business relation with Turkish Suppliers

Turkeys are known for their flourishing financial system, geopolitical location, hopeful opportunities for development, the industrious business group of people, and a youthful populace. These features attract the overseas patron to invest for their business.  Being in connection with Turkish Suppliers is one of the best ways to flourish your business.

Turkey is a stimulating market for the strategic point of being in the center of the trade in the Middle East and Europe.  So there are lots of benefits to the foreign investors who are planning to establish a business in Turkey.  In addition, the country poses an exclusive opening for the foreign shareholders with the potential of a high investment for the continuing support of the government of Turk.

Minimum cost for Operating

The low operating costs of the Turkish Suppliers is one of those benefits that have made them separated from the other suppliers in US or UK. Operating a business with other countries make you invest a lot. Though huge number of students graduates every year, yet they are found to search for jobs. They are too much indifferent to start their own business. As there is a huge rush for the employment, the salaries are not so satisfactory. Labor cost is relatively lower and the cost of the labor follows the same trend. In spite of the low cost suppliers, the quality of the goods is always uncompromising.

The expenditure of Young Population

The volume of expenditure that the young Turkys make for buying trendy things or for their most preferred brands is one of the benefits of Turkey populations. They are compulsive shopper and prone to spend without thinking. So what you need is the right business approach for making your business successful with the Turkish Suppliers. By boosting your inventories with trendy goods and brands it is very easy to attract the Turkey’s young generation.

Home Manufacturers

In business dealings, it is reasonable to find manufacturers around your location to facilitate your business. Turkish Suppliers have got lots of willing local manufacturers that are very much supportive for the investors. If you are ready with innovative ideas and wish to have those ideas actualized, then they are ready to help you with. For the investors who wish to set up dealing with the Turkey suppliers, there is no other benefit like setting up of relation with them.

Turkish Government incentives

The government of Turkey is more with the investors, be it from overseas or from local market. They encourage them by minimizing the cost for the investment in addition to creating an incentive system. With the innovative types of investment the government has minimized the operating cost of the investors. The investors from abroad who possessed IIC (Investment Incentive Certificate) are approved for the incentive. For the Turkish Suppliers it opens the door for bigger business in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship

The easy attainment of citizenship is another reason for the Turkish Suppliers to get flourished in the business. Getting citizenship is such an easy thing that it is too simple to obtain Turkish Citizenship and the related profits and benefits. It is only the settlement of business here can help you acquiring Turkish citizenship very easily if and only if:

  • You can invest of $500 thousand at least for the business
  • you create employment for 50 people
  • You acquire immovable Property that values of $250.
  • You can make deposit of at the least $500 thousand in the banks that are working in Turkey for at least 3 years.
  • Purchase government debit securities for $500 thousand minimum kept for three years

Types of Legal Entity for Turkish Business

  • Because of these reasons, the foreign investment legislation’s principles of equivalent treatment and fairness, international investors of Turkish investment experience similar status just like the local businessmen.
  • In fact, a company can start its business based on completely foreign investment without any support of Turkish associates. The structuring and organization of companies are subject to the regulations set forth in the new Turkish Commercial Code, Law No. 6102 enacted in 2011.
  • Foreign investment is welcomed in all of the corporate sectors. International investors usually prefer the limited liability or joint stock firms including the affiliated offices and branch offices. These all go in support of the Turkish Suppliers who want to get flourish in this land promptly.

The large number of populations of Turkey, say, about 80 million approx. is energetic and vibrant consumers. Moreover, the geographical location of the place has taken them to an advantageous position to bridge the gap between Asia, Europe and Africa. All these have turned the country to an industrial hub.

Turkish Suppliers itself set themselves in the global value chain using its logistical benefits and offer minimum labour costs with adjustable abilities of production. All over the Turkey, modern technology in the manufacturing is on the rise. Consequently, many companies from abroad are leading their way to Turkey and get themselves associated with the suppliers.